First six week forecasts are here!


Service updates

The piloting phase of the CLIPS project kicks off with the summer season forecasts. First weekly forecasts include beach and sport weather outlooks, thunderstorm outlook and the probability of a sultry heat spell. Since the beginning of June citizens have been able to test these forecast products in practice.

The six week forecasts about forest fire risk and development of the growing season are published in the upcoming weeks. The already published forecast products are preliminary as well and they will be developed further during the next few weeks. At the moment six week forecasts are available as weekly maps and animations.

Piloting phase of CLIPS project’s six week forecasts continues for a year. Piloting is divided into four periods based on the seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. The available six week forecasts vary between the seasons.

What was the CLIPS project about?

In the CLIPS project we are developing novel six week forecasts to support public activities and safety. Forecasts are tailored to support specific activities such as outdoor sports or planning of farming or harvesting. These six week forecasts have a strong experimental nature and they are tested with the public for the first time.

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