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CLIPS project develops novel forecasts and invites citizens to participate

We develop novel six week forecasts to support public activities and safety in Finland and map the public needs for new weather impact services. The forecast products developed in the CLIPS-project (CLImate services supporting Public activities and Safety, 2016–2018) cover the upcoming six weeks in the form of weekly outlooks. Project invites the general public to take part in testing and co-creation process of the services. The project focuses as much on urban, rural as sea areas in Finland.

Six week forecasts developed in the CLIPS-project were piloted with test users during 1.6.2017-31.5.2018. Forecast products were tailored for each season and to support certain functions and activities. Project is financed by the Academy of Finland and it extends until the autumn of 2018.

Summer season product: Probability of sultry heat spell

Would you shelter from a heat wave? One of the summer’s forecast products estimates the probability of heat spell periods in the coming six weeks. Forecast benefits especially citizens mostly working outside or belonging to any risk groups (e.g. people with heart and respiratory conditions), to whom high temperatures could pose a health risk.

Autumn season product: Winter Tire Outlook

Winter tire outlook tells if there are possible slippery road conditions in sight. Aim is to help Finnish citizens to prepare themselves for possible slippery driving conditions and for picking up the appropriate time to change the winter tires. Get to know the other six week forecasts of the autumn 2017 >>

Winter season product: Outlook for winter outdoor activities

Is there enough snow for winter sports? What if the conditions get even too freezing? Six week forecasts take a look on possible snowing or raining and the risk of freezing temperatures. Aim is to support safe and fun outdoor activities. You can take a look at the winter six week forecasts here >>

Spring season product: Beginning of the Growing Season

One of the spring season’s forecasts describes the way towards the growing season. Aim is to hint when the time is right to plant the seeds and when to watch out for the frosts. Full list of the spring six week forecasts here >>


These experimental climate services are developed at the Weather and Climate Change Impact Research, a research unit of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Our mission is to do climate research to support adaptation by promoting high quality multidisciplinary weather, climate and socio-economic impact research. We also promote the uptake and piloting of the monthly to seasonal forecasts in the research-based service design.

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Finnish Meteorological Institute

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) serves the whole society. We are a research and service agency providing the best possible information about the atmosphere above and around Finland for ensuring public safety relating to atmospheric and airborne hazards and for satisfying requirements for specialized meteorological products.

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