Introducing the CLIPS team



CLIPS team is a group of innovative and enthusiastic FMI researchers, product developers and communication experts. CLIPS team members like to pass the time outdoors and are thus often exposed to the weather conditions. They all acknowledge the six week weather conditions while planning their activities and plan ideas on how other people could also benefit from them.

Hilppa Gregow is the leader of the project. She likes “sporty weather” that provides nice conditions to walk with the dog or run around in all sorts of ball sports. She thinks that it is very beneficial to be prepared with at least the six week window for the changing weather conditions. Andrea Vajda is the co-leader of the project. She likes good hiking weather and snowy downhill skiing conditions. She is used to planning for instance the holidays six weeks beforehand and thinks that it is very nice to have some knowledge about the likely weather conditions.

Terhi Laurila, young researcher and product developer is planning her biking according to the six week forecasts. She likes most of all the warm and sunny summer weeks with some thunderstorms and lightnings. Otto Hyvärinen, expert in verification and product development, approves all weather types but finds investigating the skill of the models and predictions of the 6-week conditions particularly interesting.

Juha A. Karhu, an innovator, uses the six week forecasts to estimate the forthcoming sailing conditions. One favorite weather type of Juha is the early October mornings with a bit of frost, light wind and clear skies. Tiina Ervasti, communication expert, enjoys both the lush green of the early summer and the rich colours of the autumn. She thinks that the six week forecasts could help her to plan the outdoor excursions better than before.

The whole CLIPS team comes from the FMI’s Climate Service Centre.